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Free to Compete is designed to educate consumers on the invaluable role competition plays in bringing innovative technologies and services to the marketplace.  This website will enable you to reach out to your representatives in Congress and voice your support for the preservation of a vibrant competitive communications marketplace.


January 31, 2014
COMPTEL Responds to Committee's Questions on "Modernizing the Communications Act"...

January 30, 2014
COMPTEL Comments on FCC Proposal for Technology Experiments...

January 22, 2014
COMPTELCOMPTEL Meets with FCC General Counsel on Technology Transition Issues...

December 12, 2013
COMPTEL Comments on FCC Technology Transitions Policy Task Force Presentation...

December 9, 2013
COMPTEL Commends Michigan PSC for Confirming IP Interconnection Requirements...

December 6, 2013
COMPTEL Meets with FCC on IP Transition...

December 3, 2013
COMPTEL Comments on House Leaders’ Plan to Revisit Telecommunications Act...


Telecommunications and broadband services have become a vital part of our lives – from how we communicate with each other, to bringing educational, healthcare and other important resources to unserved and underserved markets. However, the underlying innovation and rapid evolution of these types of services would not be possible without competition in the communications marketplace.

The battle to preserve and expand competition and consumer choice is being waged on a number of fronts today – before Congress, at the FCC and in the states. Incumbent carriers are putting the pressure on at all these levels to retain their monopoly power and quash competition that is benefiting consumers.

Without a vibrant competitive market, you will have fewer options for  communications and broadband services, prices will increase and innovation that has the power to improve the lives of individuals will suffer.


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